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Welcome to Pacific Ring Global

Together, let’s carve a path towards a brighter, greener future


Timber plantation is crucial for safeguarding the planet as it ensures sustainable wood harvesting without depleting natural forests. Pacific Ring Group, a pioneer in responsible timber farming, exemplifies this approach through their use of Albasai Falcata timber. By promoting managed growth, reducing deforestation, and protecting biodiversity by interplanting cash crops, timber plantations like those managed by Pacific Ring Group contribute significantly to the preservation of our environment.


At Pacific Ring Group, people always come first. Our foundation rests on nurturing long-term partnerships with customers, while embracing a family-inclusive approach for our employees. This human-centric philosophy is at the heart of our values, ensuring enduring connections and fostering a sense of belonging within the Pacific Ring Group community.


Our unwavering commitment to high-quality products, coupled with continuous development through investment in modern machinery and downstream equipment, empowers our partners to secure long-term contracts for trade and industrial applications. This strategic approach is essential for sustaining profitability in a fiercely competitive global environment, ensuring that we consistently meet evolving market demands and exceed expectations.

Our Brands

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About Us

Founded in 2023, Pacific Ring Global FZCO is a pioneering Free Zone company strategically based in the dynamic business landscape of UAE/Dubai. Committed to fulfilling worldwide demands, we specialize in offering comprehensive technical and sustainability solutions across our diversified product portfolio. Our unwavering dedication is underscored by a proficient team that expedites seamless trade operations within a favourable time zone.

Our Expertise

Pacific Ring Global FZCO boasts a wealth of expertise in catering to global requisites through its innovative offerings. With an expansive presence comprising two state-of-the-art production facilities in Indonesia, we have an exceptional monthly capacity that surpasses 10,000m³ of meticulously crafted wooden products. These products are thoughtfully designed to cater to diverse industrial and building applications, harnessing the intrinsic advantage of lightweight materials for optimal energy efficiency.

Our Consolidated Approach

With over three decades of industry experience consolidated within our organization, Pacific Ring Global FZCO offers a unique value proposition. We have amalgamated a rich repository of knowledge garnered through the years into a singular marketing hub. This ensures that our clients benefit from an unparalleled depth of insights, allowing us to precisely address their needs and intricacies.

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